Diving in the Molnár János cave

We opened our dive center in 2015. The diving is special in the Molnár János cave because the water is warm (20-28 Celsius degrees) and crystal clear, and there are exciting stone and crystal formations on the limestone walls. There are no strong currents within the cave, the water flows very slowly.

In our diving center you'll find quality service: experienced dive leaders, state of the art facilities and all the necessary equipment. We welcome all certified cave divers who would like to see the wonders of the Molnár János cave.

If you're interested in another dives in Budapest, we regularly organize visits to the Kőbanya Mine. Please contact us for details.

Diving in the Kőbánya Mine

In the Eastern side of Budapest there is a labyrinth of limestone passages. Many of the iconic bulldings of the city was built from this limestone. Later winemakers used them as cellars, and from the 20th century Dreher Brewery owned the place. During WW II a hidden plane engine factory was here. Nowadays some of the rooms under water: you can dive in the cold but clear water some exciting parts of the Mine. Although most of these underwater industrial remains can be dived only with cave certification, one of the spots is accessible for all divers. You shouldn't expect a typical mine diving, these are basically flooded rooms and cellars of a factory, so there aren't rails but stairs. 

If you would like to know more about the conditions and prices of the diving (either Molnar Janos or Kobanya) please write us to the info@mjcave.hu address. We are the only licensed dive center in the Molnar Janos cave so if you plan a visit contact us well in advance.

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